Due to the patented recycling method

we offer sale:

stack of biomass briquettes from wood sealed with plastic


it is a highly efficient processed biomass and an ecological form of fuel.

Ground Shredded Chipped Wood chips used as biomass solid fuel, raw material for producing wood pulp, organic mulch in gardening, landscaping and substrate for mushroom cultivation. Natural Background


Woodchips they belong to the group of solid biofuels from biomass which are of wood origin.

Pellets Biomass- close up studio shot. macro shot of energy efficient wood pellets fills frame. Wood pellets close up .Biofuels. Biomass Pellets - cheap energy. The cat litter.


Pellet is a form of biomass fuel in the form of granulated product intended for incineration


Glass granulated product

Made of clear glass in various colors, for example . in blue, white or colorless.


Ballast for roads

Ballast for roads has many applications, for example: in construction and road works.


Stiffering of transport access roads

The mats can be used to harden transport access. In addition, the properly selected hardness of the material used, guarantee safety and a stable support for the horse's hooves.

About us

company history

Grabowski Eksport Import Handel Hurtowy exists from 1990.

We have been dealing with pallets since 1992, the initial period of activity was the purchase-sale of various types of pallets.

Since 2001, our company has also been engage with the recycling of wooden packaging waste with the code 15, 01, 03 (pallets, big boxes, small boxes), upon the entry into force of the new act on packaging waste and waste.

We have appropriate decisions in the field of recycling and recovery of wooden packaging waste, code 15, 01, 03. The company has the possibility to recycle 350,000 Mg of wooden packaging annually.

The scope of our activity is the repair, recovery and production of new pallets made of recycled wood (this method is patented by our company).

We also make atypical pallets for specific customer orders. We have departments in the provinces of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and Lower Silesian Voivodeship.