Biomass is currently used renewable energy sources.

It is organic matter of plant or animal origin that is biodegradable.

These include agricultural residues, forestry, industrial, municipal and recycled packaging waste. Biomass can be solid, gaseous and liquid.

Fixed – waste from wood processing, energy crops, organic and recycled waste.

– a briquette is produced from shredded wood waste, which is then used to obtain thermal energy.

– plants from energy crops can be used for the production of heat and electricity as well as for the production of fuels.

Miscanthus giganteus – Miscanthus biomass is widely used as an energy source, a raw material for the production of building materials, paper and agricultural materials.

Energy willow – wood from this plantation is most often used for energy purposes.

Our company deals with the shredding of pallet scrap, i.e. pallets, wooden packaging, boxes, as a result of which chips are formed.

Such biomass is used for the production of pellets, briquettes, thermal and renewable energy. Wood chips are also widely used in gardening and urban greenery in the form of a colored chip.

The biomass used in its various forms is harmless to the environment.

Heating with biomass is profitable. The use of biomass allows the management of wastelands and the use of waste.

Types of Biomass

most often used for energy purposes


Usually waste or of low technological quality


Also oil cakes and other agricultural wastes

Water weeds

Specially grown for energy purposes


But also sewage waste is a type of biomass


Including beet pulp, grasses corn stalks, lucerne


Vegetable oils and animal oils are often used