Briquette, Wood chips, Pellet


stack of biomass briquettes from wood sealed with plastic


Wood briquette is made of a mixture of sawdust from deciduous and coniferous trees, not bonded with any binding substance. Briquette is a fully ecological fuel that can be used in fireplaces, stoves and boilers. It provides efficient heating, because the low moisture content makes its calorific value higher than that of ordinary wood, and thus the greater compaction of the material in relation to the volume makes the combustion process gradual and slow.

Wood chips

Wood Chips are a type of wood biomass. It is shredded wood in the form of long and thick cuttings with a typical, diamond-shaped shape. Wood chips are used in the industry of wood products and pulp and paper. It is obtained during felling trees, during the processing of logs in sawmills, as well as from wood processing plants. Fuel obtained from wood chips is harmless to the environment as it does not generate harmful emissions of carbon dioxide.

Ground Shredded Chipped Wood chips used as biomass solid fuel, raw material for producing wood pulp, organic mulch in gardening, landscaping and substrate for mushroom cultivation. Natural Background
Pellets Biomass- close up studio shot. macro shot of energy efficient wood pellets fills frame. Wood pellets close up .Biofuels. Biomass Pellets - cheap energy. The cat litter.


Pellets are solid fuel in the form of granules, which are obtained from biomass. It is intended mainly for combustion in heating installations, fireplaces, stoves and boilers. Pellets are produced from wood waste, agricultural waste and by-products, in various types and degrees of combustion – depending on the intended use. Pellets intended for non-industrial use are produced without the addition of binders.

Glass granules

Glass granules made of clear glass in various colors, incl. in blue, white or colorless.

Ballast for roads

Ballast for roads has many applications, for example: in construction and road works.

Stiffering of transport access roads

The mats can be used to harden transport access. In addition, the properly selected hardness of the material used, guarantee safety and a stable support for the horse’s hooves.


Multi-material spacers